• Joe Cunningham

Veterans Join Joe Cunningham to Call Out McMaster for Opposition to Legalizing Medical Cannabis

Today, Democratic nominee for Governor Joe Cunningham was joined by veterans from across the state to criticize Governor McMaster’s refusal to support the legalization of cannabis, even for medical use, and highlight the negative impact McMaster’s policy has on veterans who cannot legally access cannabis.

“When I was in Congress, I served on the Veterans Affairs Committee. I heard countless stories from veterans in South Carolina who dealt with excruciating pain as a result of combat injuries, who suffered from debilitating PTSD or seizures as a result of their service to their country,” Cunningham said. “We could alleviate many of these struggles and provide an easier time for veterans who are transitioning back into civilian life–but our Governor refuses to do any of that.”

Cunningham called it a question of freedom.

“Law enforcement needs the time and resources to focus on more serious crimes. Our veterans should have the freedom to use marijuana as a medical treatment if they and their doctor determine it’s the best option available. Our veterans and all South Carolinians should have the freedom to smoke recreationally if that’s something they want to do,” Cunningham said.

Chris Schneider, one of the veterans standing beside Cunningham, discussed how he had to move to Oregon to legally access medical cannabis. “I shouldn’t have to leave the state I was raised in, the state I love, where my parents are, to access effective medical care,” Schneider said.

Cunningham released a plan to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use in July of 2021. His full remarks are available here.