• Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham Releases Statement on South Carolina Now Leading the Nation in COVID Cases

South Carolina currently has the highest case count per capita of any state.

Charleston, SC - Today, Joe Cunningham released the following statement regarding South Carolina’s status as the national leader in per capita cases of COVID-19:

“The disappointing reality is that Governor McMaster sees COVID-19 as more of a political threat to himself than a public health threat to the people he represents. He has chosen to ignore the advice of anyone who asks him to take it seriously, including his own health experts, parents, teachers, and even legislators from his own party. Instead, he has bent over backwards to appease a small but loud minority of conspiracy theorists and extremists who believe COVID is a hoax and masks do not work. Thanks to Governor McMaster’s selfishness and incompetence, schools are closing, hospitals are at capacity, and people are dying - and there’s no end in sight. I implore Governor McMaster to step up and do his job before it’s too late - or step aside for someone who will.”

Last month, Cunningham released an ad criticizing Governor McMaster’s politicization of the pandemic.

Cunningham announced his run for Governor in April and is currently on a 46-county tour of the state.