• Joe Cunningham

Cunningham Releases Statement on Governor McMaster's Stunning Hypocrisy on the American Rescue Plan

Charleston, SC - Today, former Congressman and current Democratic candidate for governor Joe Cunningham released the following statement on Governor McMaster's Stunning Hypocrisy on the American Rescue Plan:

"I fully support widening I-26 from North Charleston to North Carolina and have consistently called for Governor McMaster to prioritize the project. But the governor is hypocritically taking credit for a relief package that he vehemently opposed just months ago. In fact, he called the American Rescue Plan 'absurd' and said it would 'punish' South Carolina. Yet today, in a stunning reversal, he called it a 'once in a lifetime opportunity' and said 'we must seize this moment to set our state on a strong cause for generations of prosperity and success.'

"Governor McMaster is attempting to score political points with his base by opposing a Democratic-led relief package while simultaneously taking credit for the projects it will fund.

There's nothing Henry McMaster won't do to try and salvage his long and unimpressive political career."

Cunningham announced his run for Governor in April and is currently on a 46-county tour of the state.