• Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham's Statement on the Shocking Footage of Jamal Sutherland's Death

"I am deeply disturbed and saddened after watching the Jamal Sutherland footage. This is no way to treat a human being – especially someone facing serious mental health issues. And once again, we are faced with the inescapable reality of yet another preventable death of an unarmed black man in America.

We again hear the words “I can’t breathe” -- words that have come to haunt our country over the last few years. And we are confronted with the now-weekly reminder that we desperately need criminal justice and smart policing reform to make sure incidents like this do not continue to happen in this country.

I mourn for Jamal and the entire Sutherland family. I pray for answers, and most importantly, justice. I share the anger, frustration, and disbelief so many are feeling – but also urge everyone to be respectful of the Sutherland family’s wishes as the pursuit for justice begins in this case."