• Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham to Governor McMaster: Do You Support the Federal Infrastructure Bill?

Today, Joe Cunningham called for Governor Henry McMaster to tell the people of South Carolina whether or not he supports the infrastructure bill that’s part of President Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

The bipartisan bill, which Senator Lindsey Graham supports and voted in favor of, would provide South Carolina with almost $10 billion in funds for major infrastructure overhauls, including significant improvements to highway infrastructure. At a roundtable meeting today with Lowcountry leaders, Senator Graham called the bill “essential to the American people,” and said that its failure would be “heartbreaking.” South Carolina Department of Transportation Secretary Christy Hall called the infrastructure bill “a game-changer.”

Governor McMaster has previously vetoed major infrastructure funding legislation, most notably the historic 2017 roads bill passed by the state legislature, after overriding McMaster’s veto.

“Governor McMaster has a habit of decrying bills while they’re being passed and then taking credit for the projects and good work they fund after they become law,” Cunningham said in a statement. “We saw him do this just recently with the American Rescue Plan when he held a press conference unveiling his plan to widen I-26 with ARP funds just months after claiming the bill would “punish” South Carolina.That's why I'm calling on him today - before the bill is passed - to make clear whether or not he stands with Senator Graham, Majority Whip Clyburn, and his own Transportation Secretary Christy Hall in supporting this ‘game-changing’ and ‘essential’ infrastructure bill.

South Carolina was recently ranked last in the country in infrastructure. No state in the country needs this infrastructure bill passed more than us. Now the question is, does the governor agree?”

Cunningham announced his run for governor in April and is currently on a 46 county tour of the state.