• Joe Cunningham

Cunningham Releases Statement on Federal Judge's Ruling Blocking McMaster's Ban on Mask Requirements

Today, former Congressman and current Democratic candidate for governor Joe Cunningham released the following statement regarding the federal judge’s ruling blocking Governor McMaster’s ban on mask requirements in schools:

“I want to thank Judge Lewis for her sound legal reasoning that all students deserve basic protections from this virus while attending our public schools. South Carolina currently ranks 2nd in the nation in the rate of COVID cases among children and that is entirely due to Governor McMaster's reckless and irresponsible ban on mask requirements in schools. Over the last month, we have seen our Governor overrule his own health agency, his own Superintendent of Education, legislators from both parties, and parents across the state who have begged him to let school districts protect their students. While they have been laser focused on beating this virus, the governor has been laser focused on kowtowing to conspiracy theorists and the most extreme voices in our state.

Judge Lewis' ruling now provides school districts the ability to take basic steps to protect their students without fear of legal consequences. It is a shame that it took a federal judge to intervene so that South Carolina’s students can safely attend school, but our governor's total lack of leadership left Judge Lewis no choice.

It is my sincere hope that school districts move forward with protecting their students by requiring masks in schools until we have safely turned the corner of this deadly virus that continues to wreak havoc on our state. I implore anyone who hasn't already to get vaccinated so our state can get back to normal.”