• Joe Cunningham

New poll shows Joe Cunningham closing gap with McMaster

A new poll conduced by the Cunningham-Casey campaign shows a tight race for governor, with incumbent Governor Henry McMaster below 50 percent and leading former Congressman Joe Cunningham by just seven points statewide. After introducing equally positive bios about both candidates, McMaster's lead shrinks to three, within the margin of error.

Additionally, Joe leads McMaster by +8 among voters who know both candidates.

And Cunningham already leads McMaster among key subgroups, winning independents by +10 and women by +9.

“In 2018, Joe Cunningham started the general election down by eight points,” said Cunningham spokesman Tyler Jones.” Three months later, he went on to pull off the biggest upset of the entire midterm cycle and flip a district that hadn't voted for a Democrat in 40 years. Today, Joe begins the race for governor even closer with a clear path to victory. Henry McMaster’s support for a total abortion ban with no exceptions, along with Joe being a uniquely strong candidate with high name ID and crossover appeal, has turned this race on its head. Our polling shows that if Joe can communicate his message statewide, he can win. Now we know why McMaster went negative in his first TV ad - he's worried - and he should be.”

The statewide poll was conducted between August 24-30, 2022 by Impact Research and has a margin of error of +/- 3.7%.