• Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham Responds to Governor McMaster’s Baseless Accusations of Lying with Receipts

Today, Democratic nominee for governor Joe Cunningham responded to baseless accusations from Henry McMaster’s team that Cunningham lied during a recent speech in which he laid out McMaster’s support for criminalizing women seeking abortions.

In a speech Cunningham gave on Monday, he said, “In Henry McMaster’s South Carolina, [a rape victim] would serve more time than her rapist would.” Governor McMaster and the South Carolina Republican Party immediately accused Congressman Cunningham of lying because the six-week abortion ban does not include criminal penalties for women seeking abortions in South Carolina.

While the six-week abortion ban does not create criminal penalties for women seeking abortions, Governor McMaster has previously voiced his support for a bill that would.

In 2019, McMaster voiced his support for this legislation, calling it a “clear, concise, perfect Personhood bill.”

“Governor McMaster is beginning to realize his support for a total abortion bill with no exceptions is extremely unpopular, so he is trying to shift the conversation away from facts and truth,” Cunningham campaign manager Trevor Maloney said. “Joe’s speech was not referring to the six-week abortion ban and they know it. McMaster has said repeatedly that he favors a total abortion ban with no exceptions, even if it means South Carolina women will die on his watch. In fact, he doubled down on this position barely 48 hours ago. The truth is Governor McMaster voiced support for a “personhood” bill in 2019 that would ban all abortions with no exceptions and implement criminal penalties for women and doctors. Henry McMaster has the most extreme abortion position of any governor in the country. Clearly, Governor McMaster believes he should have more control over the bodies of South Carolina women than they do. He should be honest about that.”