• Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham Renews Call to Temporarily Suspend Gas Tax Ahead of July 1 Increase

Today, Democratic nominee for governor Joe Cunningham renewed his call for the legislature to temporarily suspend the gas tax as gas prices remain at record levels and the tax is slated to increase by 2 cents on Friday. The legislature is currently in session to take up budget vetoes.

President Biden recently called for a federal gas tax holiday to suspend the 18 cent federal gas tax. Suspending the state gas tax would save drivers 28 cents per gallon, in addition to the proposed 18 cents saved by the federal gas tax suspension. In total, suspending federal and state gas taxes would save drivers 46 cents per gallon.

That translates to around 10% savings per fill-up for the average driver.

“Without action from the General Assembly, gas prices will go up once again on Friday and the blame will lie squarely with Governor McMaster and our state leadership,” Cunningham said. “The governor has had months to provide solutions to lower gas prices and he has chosen to do nothing. With the legislature reconvening today to take up budget vetoes, they could take action to suspend the gas tax instead of letting it increase. When South Carolina drivers fill up their tank this holiday weekend and see a sudden increase in gas prices, they can thank Henry McMaster."