• Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham Releases Statement on Conference Committee Decision

Today, Democratic nominee for Governor Joe Cunnningham released the following statement regarding the South Carolina legislative conference committee’s decision to postpone a vote on the proposed total abortion ban until after the election:

“The most important thing I can tell the people of South Carolina today is to vote. Vote like your freedom is on the line, because it is. 

The conference committee has yet to reach a decision on which version of this abhorrent bill to pass and now will kick the can until after the election. Let’s be clear, every version of this bill is a direct attack on the fundamental rights and freedoms of all South Carolinians. It is government overreach at its very worst. 

If this legislation passes, doctors would be thrown in jail for doing their jobs. Lawyers, not doctors, will be the ones determining who receives life saving care, and who doesn’t. This will make South Carolina’s healthcare staffing shortage worse and kneecap our ability to attract and retain top-quality healthcare providers.  

This legislation would criminalize families. Anyone who administers misoprostol to a pregnant woman, could be thrown in jail and charged as a felon. Supporters of this bill will try to tell you that this doesn’t punish women–that is a lie.

Under this law, the only way to be granted a rape or incest exception is if the doctor reports to law enforcement and collects a sample of fetal tissue from the woman. As it stands there is no exception for fatal fetal anomaly. And the “threat to the life of the mother” exception is so vaguely worded that it cannot be effectively implemented.

Make no mistake: this is a total abortion ban. If the legislature passes this bill, your right to choice will be entirely stripped away. It is unpopular, it is anti-Democratic, and flies in the face of the will of the people. 

If this bill lands on Governor McMaster’s desk, he will sign it. If it lands on mine, I will veto it. 

Early voting is open–vote them out. Then call your Senators and Representatives and tell them to vote no on this bill.”