• Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham Releases Statement in Response to South Carolina Republican Party Press Conference

Today, Democratic nominee for Governor Joe Cunningham released the following statement in response to the South Carolina Republican Party’s press conference, where they once again discussed Cunningham’s tax returns:

"Governor McMaster and his henchman are so desperate to change the subject from the governor dodging debates and his extreme plans to rip away freedom that now he wants to talk about my tax returns even after I've released them.

Let me be clear, I released my tax returns like I said I would. I currently have no advocacy or consulting clients and I have not been paid by any marijuana or sports betting companies. I realize the governor is used to doing the bidding of the special interests who fund his campaign, but since I've never taken a dime from PACs or special interests, I'm beholden to no one but the people of this state.

McMaster can run but he can't hide. The people of South Carolina deserve to hear why their governor wants to rip away women's basic freedoms and throw veterans in jail for using marijuana. They deserve to know why our crime rate is at an all-time high and why South Carolina still has the highest income tax rate in the southeast.

I'll debate this governor anytime, anyplace. The question is: is the governor a man or is he a chicken?"