• Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham Releases First TV Ad, "Something Different"

Today, Democratic nominee for Governor Joe Cunningham released his first TV ad of the general election. The ad, titled “Something Different,” is part of a six-figure buy and will begin running immediately in multiple media markets throughout the state.

“South Carolinians are desperate for a new generation of leadership with new ideas,” said Cunningham senior adviser Tyler Jones. “Henry McMaster has been in politics longer than Joe Cunningham has been alive - literally - and our state consistently ranks at or near the bottom of every quality of life category. Do we really believe four more years of the same old thing is going to change anything? It’s time for something different. Joe Cunningham will be a governor who will protect and expand our freedoms, provide more accountability for career politicians, and deliver better results for South Carolina families. And unlike Henry McMaster, he won’t need 40 years to get it done.”

The full transcript of the ad is below:

“What if, instead of politics as usual, someone different came along? Who champions freedom for our people and accountability for politicians? Someone has: Joe Cunningham. He’ll eliminate the state income tax so you have more money in your pocket. Put term limits and age limits on career politicians. And yes, protect a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body. Someone different. Joe Cunningham, Governor.”