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Joe Cunningham picks SC’s 1st female fighter pilot as his running mate

Democrat Joe Cunningham picked South Carolina’s first female fighter pilot as his running mate to help him oust Republican Gov. Henry McMaster, a selection he promised would provide a voice for women’s reproductive rights and for veterans.

The former 1st District congressman chose Columbia attorney Tally Parham Casey as lieutenant governor, the campaign announced Aug. 1 ahead of their first joint appearance at an event in Greenville, her hometown.

In their first joint interview, the pair told The Post and Courier that Casey will champion women’s issues.

“Joe and I have worked together really well to figure out my role,” Casey said before the event at the Greenville Convention Center where crowd of more than 150 supporters gathered. “He’s already indicated to me that the things I’m passionate about I’m going to have a megaphone to able to talk about them.”