• Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham Calls on Legislature to Convene Special Session to Suspend Gas Tax

Today, Democratic candidate for Governor Joe Cunningham called for the legislature to convene a special session to temporarily suspend the state gas tax. The tax is scheduled to increase from 26 cents per gallon to 28 cents per gallon starting July 1. Cunningham has been calling for the legislature to temporarily suspend the gas tax since November, when gas prices first started spiking amidst supply shortages. Cunningham renewed his call to suspend the tax in March, when gas prices hit record highs.

“Gas prices continue to climb to record-shattering levels and yet the scheduled gas tax increase is still on track to take effect July 1. South Carolinians need relief at the pump and that is why I am calling on the legislature to come back to temporarily suspend the gas tax and replace the lost revenue with surplus funds,” Cunningham said.

“I have been calling for a gas tax suspension since November of last year. It’s a simple act that can ease the financial burden on South Carolina drivers and the legislature has the power to do it by amending the Sine Die resolution. In 2015, the legislature used this exact mechanism to reconvene to remove the Confederate flag from the State House and they should use it now.”

Several other states have temporarily suspended their gas tax, including Georgia, Maryland, Connecticut, and New York.