• Joe Cunningham

Cunningham Releases Statement in Response to McMaster Administration's Opposition to Gas Tax Relief

Today, former Congressman and Democratic candidate for governor Joe Cunningham released the following statement regarding the McMaster administration’s opposition to Cunningham’s plan to provide temporary gas tax relief:

"South Carolinians are not interested in lectures from an administration that has given us the worst roads in the nation. If we could fill potholes with McMaster's excuses, our roads would have been fixed a long time ago. Governor McMaster's opposition to the federal infrastructure bill that will send an additional $6 billion in new funding to our state demonstrates his lack of commitment to this issue. My proposal to temporarily suspend the gas tax to help South Carolinians with rising gas prices and use the billions of new federal dollars to supplement the loss in revenue will not affect a single road project. It can be done and it will mean lower costs on South Carolina families at a critical time of need.”