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'Freedom only applies to some': Democratic Gov. candidate Joe Cunningham blasts abortion ban vote

South Carolina Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Cunningham blasted the Senate Medical Affairs Committee’s vote to remove exceptions for rape and incest from an abortion bill being proposed in the state legislature.

“Governor McMaster’s allies in the State Senate voted today to advance the ‘McMaster version’ of the total abortion ban by going to the furthest extreme and removing exceptions for rape and incest,” Cunningham said in a statement. “The governor’s allies in the legislature have decided that freedom only applies to some. They have decided that they know better than doctors and women on how to handle private medical decisions. They have decided that South Carolina women do not deserve to be full citizens with control of their own bodies. They have decided that the state government should be able to seize the body of a woman or child and force her to give birth regardless of being a victim of rape or incest.”

“Congratulations, Governor. You got what you wanted and all it cost was the fundamental freedom of every woman in South Carolina,” the statement reads.