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Cunningham's new ad shares story of woman getting an abortion after sexual assault

Democratic nominee for Governor Joe Cunningham released a new digital ad Thursday titled "Fran's Story," about a woman getting an abortion after being raped.

The ad states that Fran Coyle, now a retired teacher, was sexually assaulted in 1972 at 12.

Coyle became pregnant and had an abortion after the Roe v. Wade decision.

“Roe vs. Wade gave me the opportunity to become an educator, a mother, and a grandmother. I did what was best for an 88-pound 12-year-old with no other options,” Coyle said in the ad. “My body is not yours, and it’s not the state’s–it’s mine.”

In the ad, Cunningham criticizes Henry McMaster for his stance on abortion.

“Here in South Carolina, Henry McMaster is set on taking away that freedom by ramming through an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape, incest, or life of the mother. I’m grateful for Fran and her courage in sharing her story. Victims of trauma do not owe anyone their story, but stories like Fran’s remind us of the cruel, dangerous impact that abortion bans will have on women and girls in South Carolina. I will always stand with victims of sexual assault and protect the core freedoms of every South Carolinian," said Cunningham.