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Cunningham Renews Call for Temporary Suspension of State Gas Tax, McMaster Responds

South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Joe Cunningham is again calling for the state’s General Assembly to temporarily suspend the state gas tax.

The move, Cunningham says, would help South Carolinians with the recent spike in gas prices.

“Gas prices are out of control for a variety of reasons and it’s time for South Carolina to take action to help families save money at the tank,” Cunningham said. “By suspending the gas tax and supplementing the lost revenue with American Rescue Plan funds or money from the state’s budget surplus, we can ease the financial burden on South Carolinians without delaying or jeopardizing a single infrastructure project.”

South Carolina has the 36th-highest gas tax in the nation at 26 cents per gallon {...}

Gov. Henry McMaster’s campaign released a statement Tuesday in response to Cunningham’s call for the gas tax suspension.

“First, the governor vetoed the gas tax increase when it was passed by the legislature,” McMaster Campaign Manager Mark Knoop said. “Second, South Carolinians are facing record prices at the pump because Joe Biden and his liberal allies have shut down the production of American energy and purposefully increased our dependence on foreign energy. There is a real solution to this problem - removing Biden’s ban on new oil and gas development on federal lands, building the Keystone XL pipeline, and reinstating regulatory reforms to streamline energy permitting, to start - but Joe Cunningham won’t support them because he cares more about alienating his far-left base than protecting South Carolinians from the whims of despots and dictators.” {...}