• Joe Cunningham

Cunningham Releases Statement on the State Senate's Decision to Delay Vote on Congressional Map

Today, Joe Cunningham released the following statement regarding the South Carolina State Senate’s decision to delay their vote to advance the proposed Congressional district map:

“I am relieved that the legislature listened to my concerns and the concerns of South Carolinians regarding this blatantly gerrymandered map. It’s about time they took this process seriously and treated redistricting with the importance it deserves.

But the work is not yet done. As I said in my testimony on Monday, this map is not worth the paper it’s printed on. It was drawn by partisan hacks in Washington, D.C., who couldn’t care less about the people of South Carolina. That is why it’s not enough for the legislature simply to delay this vote; they must reject this map and start over. It is the responsibility of the legislature to create fair districts that keep communities of interest together and do not pack voters into a single district based on the color of their skin.

Our country and our state have never been more divided than they are right now. Our legislature has the power to change that - if they’re willing to put people over politics.”