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Cunningham, McMaster debate about debates in SC governor’s race

Almost a month away from the statewide general election, the Democratic challenger is calling the governor “chicken” for not agreeing to more debates.

Former Congressman Joe Cunningham further punctuated his point against Republican incumbent Gov. Henry McMaster at a news conference Thursday with poultry, talking to reporters while holding a chicken he said he named “Henrietta McMaster.”

“You know, while it may be funny to see a grown man holding a chicken, I feel compelled to call out the cowardice when I see it,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham said his campaign has agreed to three debates with Lowcountry TV stations, but McMaster’s campaign has denied all but one. That debate is scheduled for Oct. 26.

McMaster said a statewide debate is usually what’s held prior to the election.

“I’ve been stating my views on things for years now,” McMaster said. “We’ll continue to do that, but typically a statewide debate is what’s traditionally done, so that’s what we’re going to do.”

Despite that, Cunningham believes voters should be able to hear a candidate’s stance on issues well before they head to the polls.

He also challenged McMaster to agree to two town halls before early voting starts.

“Unlike my opponent, I’m not chicken,” Cunningham said. “I’m not chicken that’s too afraid to defend my views, my policies, push new ideas or face the people that I work for.”

Early voting for the statewide general election begins on Oct. 24.

The final day to register to vote for this year’s election is tomorrow at local election offices and Sunday night for online registration.