• Joe Cunningham

Cunningham Calls Out Governor McMaster for Ducking Debates & Calls for more Government Transparency

Today, with the help of a local chicken, Henrietta, Democratic nominee for Governor Joe Cunningham called out Governor Henry McMaster for ducking debates in the general election and highlighted his plan to increase accountability and public access as governor. In 2018, Governor McMaster and challenger James Smith participated in two debates ahead of the general election. Currently, McMaster has refused all but one debate invitation.

Cunningham called it “the kind of Washington-style politics he has accused me of.”

“The reason we don’t trust our politicians is because they fail to show up,” Cunningham said. “They’re chicken. They hide behind TV ads and refuse to thoroughly debate their opponent on the merits of the issues.”

Cunningham also talked about corruption in state government and laid out his plan for increased transparency and visibility. He promised to hold weekly press conferences with members of the media and monthly town halls as governor to hear directly from constituents.

“Unlike my opponent, I’m not a chicken who is too afraid to defend my views, my policies, push new ideas, or face the people I work for,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham’s full remarks are available here.