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Cunningham brings campaign message to Beaufort

Joe Cunningham, center, Democratic candidate hoping to unseat incumbent Republican Governor Henry McMaster, chats with supporters Lori and Tom Tull during a meet-and-greet Wednesday morning at the Black Chamber of Commerce in Beaufort. Cunningham spoke to nearly 100 friends and supporters before traveling to Hilton Head Island for another event. Bob Sofaly/The Island News

Democratic candidate for Governor Joe Cunningham got a standing ovation before he uttered his first words when he appeared at the Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce Wednesday morning, Aug. 24.

All Cunningham had to do was walk through the door and the 100 or so enthusiastic supporters were on their feet.

“I think that Cunningham and Casey will bring forward motion to our state,” said Kathleen Hughes, chair of the Beaufort County Democratic Party. “In a state where things haven’t changed too much over the years. We still have terrible education. We still have terrible roads. I think Joe and Tally can make a real difference in that by increasing our revenue on the statewide level.”

Cunningham wasted no time getting to the key issues during his brief appearance. He started with education and teachers’ salaries.

“We are losing our best teachers in droves,” Cunningham said. “We understand that it’s because politicians are failing our teachers. They’re being disrespected and underpaid, and we all know that when we fail our teachers we fail our kids.”