We will make sure state government is as diverse and inclusive as the people it represents. That means a more diverse judiciary and cabinet, and I'm committed to having the most diverse cabinet and staff of any governor in our state's history. 

We should provide tax and economic incentives - like we offer to foreign companies - to minority-owned businesses right here in South Carolina. 

And we must get serious about policing reform in this state so young black men and women can feel safe on the streets of their own community.


As governor I will put an immediate stop to the dangerous and unAmerican efforts in South Carolina to make is harder for people of color to cast their vote. Instead, our state should lead on voting rights through: 

  • Implementing same-day registration

  • Ending straight ticket voting

  • Allowing early voting without an excuse

  • Passing automatic voter registration

  • Eliminating the unnecessary requirement to have a witness signature on main-in ballots which is designated to confuse voters

  • Restoring Election Day as a state holiday in the state of South Carolina


We have to get serious about tackling corruption at the state house and that starts with eliminating career politicians. We need to implement term limits on all legislators, ban them from raising money during the legislative session so they can focus more on doing their job than keeping their job, shorten session and save taxpayers millions of dollars, and end gerrymandering once and for all so legislators can't draw their own districts to protect themselves from accountability. 

As governor, I will fight for an independent redistricting commission to draw district lines and I will work to ensure that those lines are fair and representative of our state. 


As a gun owner, I support the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms, and I also support everyone's right to a safe community. That's why it's time to close the Charleston gun loophole and pass universal background checks in South Carolina. 

As a parent, I shouldn't have to worry about whether my son will make it home from school alive. South Carolinians should be able to go to the movies, to the grocery store, or to the post office without worrying whether they will make it out alive. Reasonable gun safety reforms can create a safer South Carolina for all of us.