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We are not an ordinary campaign. From our values and culture, to our approach to engaging voters and building relationships, we strive to do things differently on Team Cunningham. We are different for two main reasons: 1) the challenge of electing the first Democratic governor in South Carolina in more than 20 years requires us to think outside of the box; and 2) we believe that a thoughtful and deliberate approach to our work will best position us for success.

Our mission is simple: we want to elect Joe Cunningham as the next governor of South Carolina. Our work to achieve this mission is guided by our four core values: 

1) Work Smart to Live Well and Have Fun - Work for work’s sake is our enemy. Strive for excellence, take risks, be creative, stay in your lane, and don’t waste people’s time.
2) Row Together - Start with “Why”, trust each other, be transparent, be reliable, and seek collaboration.
3) Always Be Coaching - Give honest feedback often, empower and elevate each other, communicate effectively.
4) Earn Every Vote - Engage with respect, be accessible, take no one for granted, listen more than you talk. 


These core values serve as the foundation of our campaign culture of advancement through mission-driven teamwork. We are an ambitious team on a mission to make history in South Carolina. We hope you’ll join us! 

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