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May 2, 2022


Had a great Evening at Coker University for my town hall with the Darlington Democratic Women's Club. 


I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to share my vision to move South Carolina out of the past and into the future. 


Thank you to Mal Hyman and Davita Malloy for hosting me, and a special thanks to Senator Gerald Malloy for sharing personal stories about knowing my dad!

- Joe


April 9, 2022


First time in Union County and it was the highlight of my entire day campaigning in the Upstate. 


The Women in Blue and Men Too event was packed with people excited about change this November and listening to Councilwoman Lessie Price's keynote speech was very moving. 


I can't thank everyone enough for such a warm welcome and I promise Boone and I will be back!


- Joe


March 27, 2022


I was so grateful to be able to worship with Pastor Bobby Dukes at Ned Branch Baptist Church in Barnwell, SC. The service was beautiful and their reach was incredible. I talked to folks who said they drove from Charlotte just to worship here! I appreciate the church giving me time to talk a little about our race for Governor!  (MORE)


After church, we decided to canvass again! I spoke to folks in the area about ways to retain frontline workers in the medical community after the pandemic, legalizing marijuana and expunging records of low-level offenders, and bringing in new leadership to Columbia.

- Joe


March 26, 2022


It was a privilege to have Boone on the campaign trail with me as I traveled from Charleston to Sumter, Richland, and Barnwell. I grew up going to my dad’s campaign events and they’re some of my favorite memories from my childhood. 


After I opened up the Sumter County Convention, Chair Barbara Bowman presented Boone with something he loves more than Spiderman…a book! And not just any book, a signed copy of “Who Are Your People?” by my good friend Bakari Sellers. 


Thank you so much to everyone who showed up for making this such a great trip!

- Joe


March 19, 2022


Our stop in Rock Hill was focused on meeting voters where they are and listening to the issues that are affecting the community.


First, we stopped at Trinity Baptist Church for a meet and greet, where I met with community leaders and members of the congregation to talk about infrastructure, crime, and flooding. They were kind enough to take me on a guided tour of south Rock Hill so that I could visualize and put everything into perspective. A special thanks to Councilman Perry Sutton and Derrick Lindsay for showing me around! 


After the tour, my team and I decided to canvass in the Fewel Park area. Our intern Gavin (who lives in Rock Hill) was kind enough to spend his Saturday with us and helped knock on a few doors. We ended up at Mrs. Sallie’s door and interrupted a St. Patrick’s Day party. She kindly invited us in to talk to her and her guests and I was able to briefly tell them what we are fighting for and to thank Mrs. Sallie for her service as a lifelong teacher. 


We ended our trip to Rock Hill by speaking at the York County Convention. Great turnout for this event and a huge thank you to York County Chair John Kraljevich for letting me speak!

- Joe


March 19, 2022


We kicked off March 19th with an early stop at the John Ford Community Center in St. Matthews. There were lots of new faces at the Calhoun County Democratic Convention, where I had the opportunity to introduce myself, talk about my time in Congress, and share my vision for the future of South Carolina. 


A special thanks to Charles Whetstone for letting me speak and thanks to the staff and volunteers who fed everyone breakfast. Sadly, I didn’t have time to eat, but I enjoyed the coffee!

- Joe


December 11, 2021   |   Calhoun Falls, SC


After a great visit in Oconee County, we made our way down the Georgia border to Calhoun Falls in Abbeville County. It was the last stop on a whirlwind tour day and we were greeted so warmly by the residents who came to hear our message and vision for the future.


I was honored to be introduced by Mayor-elect Terrico Holland, the youngest mayor in the town’s history. Mayor Holland has a bright future ahead of him! One thing that struck me while talking to the Mayor-elect was when I asked him what they needed in Calhoun Falls. A new school? Better roads? An amphitheater on the lake? Nope, just a grocery store. Like many small towns in our state, the residents here have lost their grocery store and have to drive 20 plus miles to get fresh food. As Governor, food security will be a top priority for me. This is a basic necessity, like clothing and shelter.


Thank you everyone who came out and made our event a success!

- Joe  


March 5, 2022


I had a blast speaking at the Aiken County Convention! Thank you to everyone who came and gave me an opportunity to share my values and vision for our great state. Aiken is such a beautiful part of South Carolina, and after I left the convention, I was able to explore downtown, play a little cornhole, and stop at Cyndi’s Sweet Shoppe to get Boone some local gummy worms!

- Joe


December 11, 2021   |   Ram Cat Alley, Seneca, SC


What a great time in Seneca!


We enjoyed a walking tour of the beautiful, historic Ram Cat Alley. The stop began at Brew’s on the Alley, where we met Chairwoman Jody Gaulin in the driving rain! We hunkered down in Brew’s for a few minutes and let the rain subside. During the walking tour, we stopped at numerous businesses in the historic district before heading back to Brews for a beer.


It was great to meet so many supporters at Brews and taste some delicious craft beer.

- Joe  


September 23, 2021   |   Indian Land and Lancaster, SC


There was no slowing down during my whirlwind of a stop in Lancaster County! Y’all sure do know how to make me feel welcome! Everywhere I went, the enthusiasm and energy was so inspiring. Thanks so much to Lancaster County Democratic Chair Keith Grey and to Joel Schaffer for all you did to make my time in Lancaster County amazing. Stop number one was Punky’s on Main Street. Mayor DeVenny and Mayor Pro Tem Jackie Harris were on hand with other community leaders and locals to hear about my plans for a better South Carolina. The questions were tough-- but good. This is exactly why I want to hear from the people of South Carolina. There ARE tough questions that need asking. We can’t make South Carolina a better place without hearing the good and the bad. I appreciate the opportunity to answer what is most important to you all. 

There was no time to slow down...we were on to the home of Tom and Nancee Sykes, who graciously opened their home to me. I’m still thinking about all the mouth watering food and was glad to get a chance to sample the local wine. Thanks, Tom and Nancee! But wait...there was still ONE MORE STOP! 

What a fun evening we had with the Sun City Democrats. I enjoyed meeting so many new faces--and y’all laughed at all (ok, most) of my jokes! I’m humbled by how many of you said you were ready to volunteer for the campaign--it’s that kind of support that makes me know for certain I’m going where the need is--and that need is for me to be the next governor of South Carolina. 

Thanks, Lancaster County….until next time!

- Joe  


September 30, 2021   |   Clemson and Liberty, SC


Photo Courtesy of Katie Bradham Photography

Stop number 19! What a great day to be in Pickens County. The day began in Clemson - really a 2 for 1 stop as Clemson is both in Anderson and Pickens Counties. I so enjoyed my time at Clemson University (thanks for the great pictures, Katie Bradham!) and it was great to spend time with Caroline Ennis, President of the Clemson College Democrats, and meet our college ambassadors Kacey, Haleigh, and Ana. It was a perfect day to say hello to the crowd at the Amphitheater. 

One of the best ways to get to know a county is by stopping in towns that are considered “too small” by traditional standards. With a population of just over 3,000, Liberty, SC is one of those towns. I enjoyed the opportunity to explore the town and introduce myself to locals and get to know what was on their minds. I even got to have ice cream with Jack! It was definitely a “sweet” visit!


Until next time, Pickens County!

- Joe  


September 23, 2021   |   Richburg, SC


A stop at The Front Porch Restaurant on Lancaster Highway made my time in Chester County extra special. Set in an old house, a stop at The Front Porch felt like coming home. There is no better way to hear about local concerns than going to the source. I was grateful to see so many welcoming faces! It was wonderful to hear that I "look like a governor" from a supporter there, I guess that's a good start!

Thank you for all of your thoughtful comments and for letting me share my vision for South Carolina with all of you. Thanks so much also to City Council Member, Mike Vaughn, who helped organize my time in Chester County. It was great to meet and talk with folks from the Rock Hill Herald also. Thanks to Cailyn Derickson for spending part of your day with me. 

PS: Have the grilled chicken's delicious! Tell them Joe sent you!

- Joe  


September 18, 2021   |   Greenwood, SC


Football and South Carolina go hand and hand in the fall. Thanks to Montague’s for hosting a Clemson watch party for stop number 16 on our 46 county tour! An impressive crowd came out to cheer the Clemson Tigers on! These 46 county tour stops allow me to meet the people of South Carolina and hear what’s important to them firsthand. Jeremy Taylor shared his story of community advocacy with me while we were in Greenwood. Thanks, Jeremy, for your work in the local Hispanic community. I also appreciated Senator Floyd Nicholson stopping by--nice to see you, Senator.


I am disappointed I didn’t have time to get to the Lego exhibit at the Arts Center. Boone and I could have used some inspiration! And I’m looking forward to spending time on the Lake the next time I am there, too. 


Until next time, Greenwood County!

- Joe  


September 18, 2021   |   McCormick, SC


I was happy to get back on the road again and head to McCormick County for stop number 15! When we started this 46 county tour, I told you that I wanted to get to know South Carolina and that every county would be included. McCormick County has under 10,000 people in it but it's an important county in our efforts to turn South Carolina blue.


McCormick County has done an amazing job of getting its citizens vaccinated against COVID. Back in March, McCormick County was leading the Palmetto State in the rate of vaccinated residents. Thanks for your dedication to keeping SC safe, McCormick County!


I picked the perfect day to head to McCormick as it was the McCormick County Democratic Party Annual Fish Fry. It was the ideal chance to meet community leaders, chat with local leaders, and enjoy some fried fish. I was happy to get to see Trav Robertson, Chair of the SC Democratic Party. And local Democratic Party leader, Alonzo Harrison, made me feel right at home. I appreciated the to-go plate--nothing like lunch on the road as I headed to my next County stop….Greenwood County!


Thanks, McCormick County! Until next time!

- Joe  


August 4, 2021   |   Georgetown, SC


What a day in Georgetown County! A morning meeting at the Georgetown County Democratic Party offices with chairwoman Marianne Mackey got the BUSY day started. Next on the agenda was a driving tour of the Historic West End of Georgetown, with NAACP Leader, Sheldon Butts, which included a stop at Lamar’s Fish and Chips followed by a visit with Marilyn Hemingway and Janette Graham at the West End Heritage Center. We ended the tour on Front Street where we got to say hello to Andrea “Aunny” Johnson. I can’t wait to get back to see the Wall of Fame with the picture we took on it-- and have lunch!  


A stop in Andrews, home of Chubby Checker, was next on the agenda. Hope my “twist’ under his sign made you laugh--my staff sure got a good chuckle. Thanks so much to Andrews City Administrator, Mauretta Dorsey, for such a fantastic Town Hall. We were joined by Mayor Frank McClary, city leaders, law enforcement, educational leaders (Congrats, Principal Mahone!), and residents, all concerned about making South Carolina a better place. You all asked great questions about where our state is headed. You all recognize that education, infrastructure, and healthcare must be addressed in South Carolina and that a governor of the past like Henry McMaster is holding South Carolina back. I want to be the Governor of the future. When elected, these are issues we can tackle TOGETHER. 




I made a promise to explore every county on my 46 County Tour so I could listen to YOU about what’s important to the citizens of South Carolina.  God gave us two ears and one mouth so we could listen twice as much as we talk. I’m listening!


Next, I headed back to Georgetown for the Georgetown County NAACP, Gullah Community Leaders, and Georgetown County Democratic Party leadership Roundtable. It was great seeing Al Joseph -- I appreciate your vote! The crowd, including GCDP former chairwomen Deb Smith and Nancy Kolman, along with precinct chair Herbert Dennison, made me feel right at home. 


The last stop in Georgetown found me at the historic Winyah Bay Auditorium. Thanks to Vida Miller for the introduction! The ENTIRE auditorium was filled with folks wearing masks. As Covid surges in South Carolina once again, it was fantastic to see concerned citizens doing their part to keep everyone safe. Science is not a political issue. Henry McMaster needs to do his part to keep SC citizens safe and healthy by not challenging mask mandates. 


WHEW--Are y’all tired yet???? My day was not quite over!


A standing ovation greeted me in Pawley’s Island at the Club 142 August meeting. How could I not be energized by that kind of welcome? Karen Yaniga welcomed me to the meeting where I was able to share my SC vision and hear from the women there, gathered to make SC a better place. I was overwhelmed to get recognized by SODA at the meeting. Stop Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic recognized my work to ban offshore drilling--not only for SC but for coastal communities all along the Atlantic Coast. I love our coast and want to protect it for future generations. Boone and I love the beach! 


Fifteen hours after leaving Charleston, I made it back to the campaign office. Each road that I traveled, each bridge that I crossed, every person that I met reminded me why I do this: I am going where the need is. South Carolina needs a governor that doesn’t shy away from the long days. I am ready for more long days ahead to make South Carolina a better place for us all. 


Thank you, Georgetown County, for reminding me why this campaign is so important: the people of South Carolina deserve a governor of the future. See y’all again soon!

- Joe  


July 17, 2021   |   Anderson, SC


Greetings from Anderson County! Thanks to Full Circle Cafe for hosting a full day of events--the staff and Amazeball meatballs were outstanding. I was honored to get to spend some time with Anderson County Democratic Chairwoman Tanya Winbrush. Tanya heard the call to “go where she was needed” and I am pleased she shared her story of service with me. Thanks to everyone that came out to say hello!


After having some productive conversation with Michael Forsyth of the Community Times, as well as Devyani Chhetri from the Greenville News, along with reporters from Fox Carolina and WYFF, I was able to meet about 40 people from the Anderson area (in 90-degree weather!) who took time out of their busy weekend to share the issues that matter most to them. I made some lasting connections with people who want what is best for our beautiful state. 


The issue of economic growth and access to reliable broadband is a recurring theme in every county I visit. Thanks to Councilman Glenn Davis for coming out to share his firsthand knowledge with me. These county tours give me insight into what is happening throughout South Carolina--straight from the people that are affected the most. I’m listening to y’all. I hear your frustrations. We can find solutions together. 


For those of you keeping track, Anderson County was stop 13 on the 46 County Tour. More stops are being planned every day so stay tuned. I’m coming to see YOU soon!


Thanks, Anderson County….until next time!

- Joe  


July 8, 2021   |   Summerville, St. George and Ridgeville, SC


Someone once said “you can’t go home again” but my stop in Dorchester County proved that wrong. What a warm welcome HOME I got from everyone there! We started the morning at Coastal Coffee Roasters where both coffee and conversations were outstanding. I’m still thinking about the cruffins! Sitting down with folks, listening to what is important to them, is what this 46 County tour is all about. There is room for everyone at the table in my vision for South Carolina...and I am grateful I get to spend time listening and learning from YOU. 


Next stop...St. George. Thanks to Tim Lewis and the Dorchester County Democratic Party for organizing lunch and time with community leaders. There were lots of homecomings here and I was appreciative of all the folks that had also “come home” to fill me in on the issues that impact this rural community. The lack of reliable internet was very evident as we tried to share pics! The Internet is an intrinsic part of our infrastructure and when I am Governor, everyone in the state will have equitable access. 


We toured Ridgeville, making stops along the way, and headed back to Summerville and Oak Road Brewery. What a feeling to open the door to a standing-room-only crowd! The energy and enthusiasm were amazing! Thank you for all the support and all the love! 


Until next time, Dorchester County!

- Joe  


June 26, 2021   |   Loris, Conway and Myrtle Beach , SC


What to do with an extra 20 minutes between campaign stops? Take a ride on the Slingshot on the Boardwalk at Myrtle Beach! We “slingshot’ed” through Horry County on a busy (and hot!) day filled with events and excitement. 


Our early morning started with a zoom call to the State Convention of the Young Democrats of South Carolina (YDSC). Country roads and no WiFi made this call a challenge--reminding me of the need for infrastructure and accessibility to WiFi in rural areas. I was happy to share time with the YDSC-- and appreciate the chance to share my vision of SC with the generation that can help make that happen. I’m still a “Young Democrat” for another year!


First stop….Loris! Engage Horry presented by the Horry County Democratic Party gave us a chance to meet the people of Horry County along with County Chair, Alestor Linton Pryor, and Democratic Party leaders, Trav Robinson, Jalen Elrod, and Jay Parmley. It’s always good to see Carol Fowler and being all together was a great reminder of the need to get SC vaccinated so get-togethers can happen safely. Thanks for the hot dogs, too! 

Next stop….Riverfest in Conway. After Covid made canceling last year’s event a necessity, it was great to see the people of Conway out in the sunshine, enjoying vendors, food, and bands. There were also reminders of the work we are faced with in SC--Confederate Flags were flying and t-shirts talking about a “stolen election” were prominently on display. I turned those reminders into positives--talking to nearby vendors about their issues and concerns--and a vision for SC where hate has no place. 


Never one to shy away from a challenge, I “flipped” for Myrtle Beach next--roaring through the air at 120 miles per hour on the Slingshot. Been there, done that--and, I have the -shirt to prove it! A stop at Big Mike’s Soul Food was next.  I got to spend time with owner, Michael Chestnut, and meet James “Bonecrusher” Smith and other community leaders. I can’t wait to come back and enjoy all the delicious food! Thanks, Big Mike! 



Our last stop of the day was at the Forbus Court Grand Park Shelter at Market Commons where a crowd gathered to hear why I am the candidate that can beat Henry McMaster. Thanks to Da’Vita Foushee for the warm introduction and to the Grand Strand Young Democrats for being there and providing refreshments. Great seeing everyone there!


Made it back to Charleston just in time to get Boone tucked in bed! WHEW! 


Thanks, Horry County...until next time!

- Joe  


June 15, 2021   |   Spartanburg, SC


Stop number 10 and it was a 10!!!!


Before hitting the road, I introduced my three-part plan to curb gun violence in South Carolina. Standing in the shadow of Mother Emanuel AME, just days before the 6th anniversary of the massacre there, was a powerful start to my day. The words of Rev. Middleton, who joined me there, echoed in my mind along the highway headed to Spartanburg County. He misses his friends--and I want to close the Charleston Loophole that contributed to their senseless deaths. 

Traffic along I-26 was bumper-to-bumper. I want to fix that--widening I-26 from North Charleston to North Carolina. Former SC State Representative Harold Mitchell of ReGenesis Community Development Corporation gave us a tour of the area highlighting the environmental issues that have fueled redevelopment. We then met with Angela Geter and area Democratic party volunteers, sharing my story and how I can win in SC. A great meeting with Representative Rosalyn Henderson-Myers was next. Thanks for the fantastic introduction that evening and for attending my event, Representative Henderson-Myers! A phenomenal crowd joined us that night to hear about how I am the Governor of the Future, while McMaster is the governor of the past. I met so many people! Your energy energized me! Thank you! 


What’s better after a late night than Krispy Kreme? Thanks so much to legendary Senator Glenn Reese for welcoming me to your facility. Your support means the world to me! Being where President Biden, former President Obama, and former President Clinton have all spent time was an amazing moment--and the hot glazed doughnuts were tasty, too. 

Can’t wait until next time! Thanks, Spartanburg! 

- Joe  


June 10, 2021   |   Kingstree, SC


Greetings from Williamsburg County! I was so pleased to spend time at the Williamsburg County Parks and Recreation Department meeting with local leaders and city officials. Thank you all for being there! I was so glad to be able to share my vision for South Carolina with you and appreciate the support. The warm welcome--especially the opening prayer--is something my staff and I are still talking about as we make our way through South Carolina. The best part of this trip? Hearing directly from the people that live there about what matters the most to them. My vision for South Carolina addresses the concerns about the lack of healthcare for the poorest residents of South Carolina. I know that the lack of Internet access makes telehealth appointments and school assignments nearly impossible--and know that kind of access has to be part of South Carolina’s infrastructure going forward. I know Williamsburg County feels like a ”forgotten county” in so many ways but, my visit there is one I will remember for a long time--especially my visit to Brown’s BBQ. Looking forward to more visits, more conversations, and more bbq! Thanks, Williamsburg County!

- Joe  


June 9, 2021   |   Florence, SC


Thank you to Pastor Calvin Robinson of Trinity Baptist Church for bringing together Florence pastors to hear why I want to be the next governor of SC. This intimate gathering gave us the chance to learn how together we can make a difference in SC. I shared my plan to make education in SC a priority of my administration. I heard the frustration over the state of healthcare in SC--and I shared how I will expand Medicaid my first day in office--giving lifesaving healthcare to SC’s most vulnerable. I keep thinking about the question of why it was easier to carry a gun than to vote in SC. It should not be that way. When I am governor, I want to make sure every voice is heard and make the ability to vote a right for every eligible citizen. I want to make Election Day a State Holiday and eliminate the antiquated and embarrassing observance of Confederate Memorial Day. 

Next stop….the home of Suzanne La Rochelle, who hosted a community meet and greet. While the grapes and gardenias were something else, meeting longtime activists and community leaders was a true honor. So much hard work has been accomplished by these Florence notables--and I am excited that I had the chance to share my vision of a modern SC with them. Suzanne even brought gardenias to Seminar Brewing that night for my staff! Thank you so much, Suzanne!

And the final stop for the day….Seminar Brewing. Thunderstorms were brewing as Travis Johnson welcomed me to the podium. I know Travis, a Harvard sophomore, has great things ahead for him. Travis Knowles and his team at Seminar made it a night to remember. After sharing my strategy for SC with a huge crowd in the Beer Garden, I also got to throw axes inside. The whole trip to Florence was a “bullseye” and I cannot wait to visit again.

- Joe  


June 1, 2021   |   Lexington & West Columbia, SC


Hello, Lexington County! What a busy and rewarding day we had in West Columbia. I started the day at Brookland Baptist Church, meeting with local pastors and community leaders. There were tough questions asked...and I was pleased to share how I am the best candidate for governor of South Carolina to create real change in the communities that need it the most. I heard your concerns about a governor that is interested in the needs of the citizens--and I will put those needs ahead of party and politics. I also got a chance to be a part of the Alzheimer’s Association Roundtable and meet with the team of Lexington Medical who have partnered to provide Covid vaccines right there at Brookland Baptist. 

My day was just getting going! Next was a trip to the State Farmers Market where I met with farmers and vendors about keeping agriculture a priority in SC. Generation after generation have kept this farming tradition alive and I want to make sure future farmers in South Carolina can keep working the land. I toured Vertical Roots and am wowed by all that is going on there-- from using 98% less water than traditional farms to how quickly SC grown products make their way all over the country. The last stop of the day was at WeCo Bottle and Biergarten where a huge crowd came out for boiled peanuts, beers...and to hear about why I want to be the next governor of South Carolina. 
Thanks, Lexington County! Until next time!

- Joe  


May 25, 2021   |   Moncks Corner, Daniel Island and Ladson, SC


It's always fun to spend time in Berkeley County. I had the privilege of representing most of Berkeley while in Congress so it was good to reconnect with so many friends and supporters. We started off the morning touring Community’s Hope Impact Center in Moncks Corner. Thanks to Pastor Tory Liferidge and Director Shelah Durant for having me and showing off the great work you’re doing! We then hit the other side of the county for a Meet and Greet at Wasabi on Daniel Island. It might be the hottest day of the year but we still had a great crowd join us to talk about issues facing our state. We finished off the day with a huge event up in Ladson at MOMO Kitchen and Market. Thanks to Jeni Atchley, the president of the Young Democrats of South Carolina for introducing me - even though you coaxed the crowd into singing me Happy Birthday! I'm so grateful to everyone who came out to show their support for our campaign. We will be spending lots of time in Berkeley County and I hope to represent you all once again! 

- Joe  


May 18-19, 2021   |   Beaufort & Bluffton, SC


Wow! What an incredible two days in Beaufort County! This county always shows up and shows out and this trip was no different. We started the trip off by touring Hopeful Horizons Emergency Shelter in Beaufort. They provided shelter for 200+ victims of domestic violence and sexual assault last year while also dealing with budget cuts. They’re doing amazing work and it's time our state gives them the support they need and deserve. Then we dropped by my friend Ken Singleton's barbershop in downtown Beaufort to chat about the news of the day. Afterward, we joined Rev. James Moore from Mt. Carmel Baptist Church on his radio show. We talked about the need to expand Medicaid, give teachers a raise, pass policing reform, and stop the unAmerican efforts to make it harder for African Americans to vote. As we exited the historic Tabernacle Baptist Church, I paid my respects to Robert Smalls, one of the most transformational figures in our state's history, who is buried on the grounds. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we were blown away by the huge and unexpected crowd that gathered for what was supposed to be a "small intimate gathering" that turned into over 100 people at the Kresch residence. It was fun seeing so many old friends and meeting new people who are fired up about our campaign. Over 75 people came to our next event, a meet and greet with 50 Shades of Blue and the Fripp Islander group on St. Helena Island. Finally, we had 200+ come out to our evening event at Fat Patties in Bluffton. After speaking to the crowd, I was asked to help tend the bar and got to talk to folks from a slightly different perspective! The next day we had a fantastic brunch with 40 people on Dataw Island before sitting down with La Isla Magazine for a quick interview (mostly) in Spanish. We're fired up and exhausted all at the same time but we could not be more grateful for an amazing two days in Beaufort County. Thank you all and see you again very soon!

- Joe  


May 4, 2021   |   Columbia, SC


What a day! There's a good reason they call Columbia "Famously Hot" as temperatures reached 90 degrees today while we visited the Capital City. First we had lunch with a few local Democratic Party leaders before heading over the SCDP Headquarters to speak to reporters about my opposition to the "Open Carry" bill currently being debated at the state house. Afterwards, we toured the campus of Allen University and the old Good Samaritan-Waverly Place Hospital, which served black residents of Columbia for 35 years during the age of Jim Crow. It closed down in the 1970's but Allen is now restoring the hospital into their new Institute on Civility. From there we toured Owen Steel, a local business who produces steel for some of the biggest structures in the country. Stadiums, Buildings, bridges - you name it, they build it. As we were touring Owen Steel, the skies opened up and thunderstorms came through Columbia right around the time our event across the street at River Rat Brewery was supposed to begin. Despite the washout conditions, over 100 folks showed up and braved the weather to hear our plans for progress in South Carolina. I was especially excited to see so many students, from USC, Benedict, Allen, Columbia College - we even had students drive down from Clemson for our event. That meant a lot. We drove back to Charleston and got home a little before 11pm. We'll be back on the road over the next few weeks and will be announcing it very soon! For now, I'm hitting the hay! 

- Joe  


May 3, 2021   |   Greenville, SC


Just left our first event in Greenville. Technically this was our first public event outside of the First Congressional District and we weren't quite sure how many folks would show up - or if anyone would show up! But boy, did they show up! Over 200 people came out on a rainy Monday night in one of the most conservative areas of our state to say hello and hear our vision for South Carolina. I was honored to be introduced by my sister-in-law, Fabioloa, who came down from Asheville with my oldest brother John Ryan. I let folks know how committed I was to investing in the upstate and not writing it off like too many Democrats have done in the past. I talked about the importance of investing in our technical schools and making public college free for students who put in the work and maintain a B average. And of course I explained how none of this was possible unless we win next November and how important it is to nominate someone who has a proven track record of winning in tough areas. As someone who flipped a Republican seat that voted for Donald Trump by 13 points, I know what it takes to win. Few places in our state deserve a big Democratic win more than the Upstate and I'm committed to giving them one. Thanks for an amazing day, Greenville! I'll be back very soon!

- Joe  

June 16, 2021   |   Greenville, SC


An amazing detour last week when I was visiting Spartanburg County... Premier Medical Laboratory Services in Greenville, SC. I was happy to return to Greenville County so quickly after we were there just a few weeks ago. 


Leading the way in Covid testing not only for South Carolina but for the entire US, Premier Medical Laboratory Services is also making huge strides in medical breakthroughs that will positively impact lives all over the globe. From heart disease to diabetes, lab-in-a-box kits to genetic testing, Kevin Murdock and his team are partnering with big hitters like Harvard and MIT. When I’m governor, I hope we can create those same partnerships within SC. Thanks for the tour, Michael Conroy. Premier Medical Laboratory Services has been in SC since 2007 and I look forward to working together for many years to come. 

- Joe  


May 3, 2021   |   Laurens, SC


Our very first stop on our 46-county tour (outside of Charleston) was in Laurens County. For years, I had heard about the old Redneck Shop in Laurens, and how it used to be the meeting place for the KKK and the American Nazi Party until 2012. And recently I heard that a local pastor had purchased the building and planned to turn it into a diversity center. I knew this was where I wanted to start our tour. So we met Rev. David Kennedy, the owner of the building, and Regan Freeman, the Executive Director of the Echo Project, the non-profit leading the revitalization efforts. They explained to me the history of the Redneck Shop, showed us pictures of Nazi rallies inside the old movie theater, and explained to me why it meant so much to them to turn it into a diversity center. We toured the facility, mostly in the dark, and I listened to the difficult stories about what happened where I was standing. It was devastating to know that all that hate and racism could still exist - and right in our own back yard. I was inspired by Rev. Kennedy and Regan's passion and determination to turn this into a place we could all be proud of. That's what South Carolina is all about. And I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to start our 46 county tour right there. 


- Joe  


April 28, 2021   |   North Charleston, SC


Wow! What an incredible way to kick off our campaign for governor right here in our backyard of Charleston. It was great to see all of you who came to our event (all 700+ of you) to hear about our plan to take back the governor's mansion. We were honored to have SCDP Chair Trav Robertson come down and speak, as well as Charleston County Councilman Rev. Kylon Middleton and State Representative Spencer Wetmore. But the highlight for me was being introduced by Sangaree Middle School 7th Grader Ivy Ward. She gives me great hope for our future. 


As I walked out on the stage to see so many (masked) friends, I was quickly reminded why I'm in the race. Because folks are desperate for change in South Carolina and they're ready to fight for it. And I'm excited to help carry that energy with me all across the state as we visit every single one of our 46 counties over the next few months. 


In my speech, I laid out my vision for South Carolina and what my priorities would be as governor: Expanding Medicaid, raising teacher pay, fixing our roads, expanding voting rights, making sure state government is as diverse and inclusive as our people, and passing common sense policing reform. 


I also discussed the importance of nominating a candidate who can beat Henry McMaster. When I ran for Congress in 2018, no one gave me a chance. Mark Sanford had just won the district by 22 points and Donald Trump had carried it by 13. But despite this seat being gerrymandering to make it impossible for a Democrat to win - we flipped it anyway. Even in our narrow loss in 2020, we outperformed Joe Biden by 5 points, coming up short by only a single point. 


That's the kind of crossover support we're going to need to win statewide. And I know we can do it. 


I was also so humbled by all the folks who stayed afterwards to chat and to get a picture. You all give me so much hope and motivation to push even harder than I already am. 


Thank you, Charleston, for a fantastic homecoming and an amazing kickoff to our campaign. 


We're hitting the road next week with events in Greenville on Monday and Columbia on Tuesday. Please RSVP and I'll see you on the trail!


Onward to victory, 


- Joe  

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